Dubbing & Audiobooks

Dubbing, in filmmaking, is the process of adding new dialogue or other sounds to the soundtrack of a motion picture that has already been shot. Dubbing is commonly used to translate films into different languages. When video is dubbed, the new audio is carefully matched to the lip movements of the actors in the film.

Audiobooks are voice-narrated recordings of books. Audiobooks can be exact word-for-word versions of books or abridged versions. Listeners can experience audiobooks on smartphones, tablets, computers, home systems and in-car entertainment systems.

  • Freakin Studio maintains a wide roster of voiceover talent spanning more than 15 languages, including English (USA & UK), German, French, Danish, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Finnish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and more.

Here are some examples of our recorded audiobooks:

Lithuanian poems | Audio book

Lithuanian fairytales | Audio book

Lithuanian novelette | Audio book

Here are examples of voiceover dubbing. In these examples, the original sound recordings from the initial video shoots were of poor quality. To fix these productions, we re-recorded voiceovers at Freakin Studio and synchronized everything to the video: