Sound Design, Recordings & Post production

Sound design is all about fusion. The right ambience, sound texture, sound effects and post production has to be in perfect harmony to compliment the final product.

  • Music production
  • Noise Filtering and Audio Restoration
  • FX
  • Ambience
  • Sound Texture
  • Audio Sweetening
  • Voice Over Record / Edit / Mix / Mastering
  • Voice Over Castings
  • Translation Services
  • ADR (Dialog Replacement)
  • Final mixes (including 5.1 Surround )

Let Freakin Studio take care of your project.

Sound has a texture as the body has a skin.

Official Lithuanian Basketball League soundtrack

LRT žiemos vinjetė (Music and sound design)

Delfi akcija “NeŽvairuok” (Full sound production)

Granatos Live festivalis ( Video editing, Voice Overs, Sound Design, Post Production)

Just Cola (Full sound design and post production)

Hegelmann (Voice Over Casting, Voice Ove recordings, sound design and post production)

AVON (Voice Over recordings and post production)

Rasa (Full sound production)

Gardėsis (Voice over castings, recordings and post production)

MoreMins (Full sound production)

Vilnius (Voice Over castings and recordigns)