Music Production

How is music produced?

Musical ideas can take many forms, from simple drum and bass patterns to complete songs with melody, lyrics, and chord changes. The feel and sound of a completed production are defined by musical ideas and arrangements, as well as production processes and tools.

Music production generally includes the following steps:

1. Musical Ideas

Basic musical ideas define the song that a producer creates, including the instruments and individual parts used in an arrangement. A producer’s primary role is to determine and arrange the parts that will be recorded and the musicians who will play them.

2. Recording

The performances that make up a musical arrangement are recorded using a variety of hardware devices and software programs as audio and/or MIDI data.

3. Editing

Recorded performances can be edited in a variety of ways to transform and refine individual elements or an entire arrangement.

4. Mixing

The individual parts that make up a multitrack recording are combined and processed using effects to create a final stereo mix of the song.

5. Mastring

Mastering is the final step in the production process, where adjustments are made to the final mix of the recording, and a finished stereo mix is created for digital and physical media distribution.

Freakin Studio Production Examples

KODO · Kevin Saunderson · Justin Cholewski

Riton x Oliver Heldens – Turn Me On ft. Vula (Marshall Jefferson Remix)

Patrick Topping x Kevin Saunderson – Frisk (Justin Cholewski Remix)

SEL – Aš pakelsiu (feat. Virus J) (Official LIVE music video, Darius & Girenas Stadium)

Inner City feat. Steffanie Christi’an – Believe

Norbertas – Kur tu (Universal Music Lithuania)

SEL – Nupirk Man (Oficialus Audio)

House Of Virus Remix

House Of Virus remix

House Of Virus Remix

Cherry Monday

Justin Cholewski Remix

Cherry Monday