Mixing & Mastering

Mixing is the process of combining multiple layers of audio to create one track. The key goal of the mixing process is to ensure that all elements of a song mesh and sound good together. The mixing process can involve:

  • Balancing levels
  • Panning instrument positions in the stereo field
  • Equalizing
  • Compressing
  • Enhancing harmonics
  • Fixing problematic frequencies
  • Adding effects such as reverb and delay
  • Automation
  • Editing sounds in creative ways

Mastering is usually the final step in the production process. After a song has been recorded and mixed, the mastering engineer balances the sonic elements and optimizes the track for playback on a variety of systems and formats. This final version of the track is known as the “master recording.” The master recording can then be uploaded to streaming services and/or used to create physical media such as CDs or vinyl.

What are the differences between mixing and mastering?

  • Mastering focuses on subtle changes, while mixing defines the track.
  • Mixing is generally a more time-intensive process than mastering, although both processes require a great degree of skill and technical knowledge.
  • Mastering is a more technical process, while mixing involves more intuition and subjective judgement on the part of the engineer.
  • Even great mastering cannot fix a poor quality mix.
  • Mastering spans across the full musical project, while mixing focuses on optimizing and combining individual elements.
  • Mastering and mixing engineers utilize different audio workflows and playback environments.
  • Not every audio engineer is qualified for both processes.

Mixed & Mastered at Freakin Studio

Artists we worked with

Jonas Blue, Ed Sheeran, Ava Max, David Guetta, Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren, Joel Corry, Rudimental, Faithless, R3hab, Becky Hill, Rita Ora, Kevin Saunderson, Inner City, TCTS, Disclosure, Idris Elba, Marshall Jefferson, Alex Adair, Gotsome, Tough Love, Miya Miya, Soda State, Tom Westy, Dark Heart, House Music Choir, Netsky, Snakehips, Jerome Price, MELON, Donae’O and many more…

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Universal Music, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, Ministry Of Sound, Positiva, Defected, Selected., Kontor, EMI Records, Virgin Records, Ultra Music, Toolroom, Armada, Freakin909 many more…